Bowling Games

Our interactive touchscreen bowling tablet displaying Brunswick Sync games

We have installed software-driven innovation to keep our guests on-site longer, engaged more, and returning often. The Brunswick Sync® management and scoring system provides the ultimate bowling experience for open play, family groups and organized leagues. Sync allows the bowler to become totally immersed in the game by managing scoring through our state-of-the-art consoles. Bowling scoresheets are at a whole new level now tracking cumulative scores and plays, opposing team positions, handicap and scratch totals.

Sync includes a collection of new bowling games that are simple and easy to play. Sync games include: EZ Bowling, Horse, Creature Feature, myShot, Angry Birds Bowling, Club 300, Rival Rumble, Top Dog, Best Frame, 3-6-9 Strike and much more.

E-Z Bowling & Creature Feature

A simplified bowling game for all ages. Pay by the lane per hour, instead of per game. Bowlers get five frames per game, instead of ten, and one throw per frame, instead of two. Each throw earns 0-10 points counted independently of the other frames. The player with the highest score wins.
Creature Feature plays the same way as E-Z Bowling, but with a fun and spooky theme.

Best Frame Game

Teams of 2-5 players compete against each other. The best score from each frame counts toward the team's composite score. Each player earns their own awards after the end of the competition.


Bowling is a snap with pinpix! Take photos with your phone or our bowling lane tablet. As you score, earn fun props to photobomb your friends with! Don't forget to save and share your photos after your game.